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New creativity!

I just want to spend my day making stuff!

I love creating! New yarns, new fabrics, new designs - if it's makeable without requiring a whole manufacturing plant on stand-by then I probably want to try it; at least once.

I've been enjoying new color dyes and new (to me) methods of hand painting. Twisting, turning, and coiling the fiber prior to dyeing is way more fun than I thought it would be. Initially, I wanted to experiment with more organic and less structured but I'm finding that waiting for the 'big reveal' is as much fun as waiting for Christmas morning present exchange. (I'm just a big kid when it comes to anticipation participation)

New items in the store! 

I've begun adding new items to the store in addition to new yarn colorways and handspuns.  Occasionally I take a quick break from yarn making and look for other creative projects.  My latest extracurricular project is designing fabric and sewing up yarn totes. I'm absolutely hooked! You can expect more project yarn totes and more designs in the future.

What's trending for Fall?

As a crafter you are also part fashionista so it helps to keep up on the latest trends. We have some amazing colors and textures coming up for the Fall/Winter 2016 season.

Some colors to keep your eye on:

New hand dyed colors for the shop!
Colors for the Fall/Winter season range anywhere from the traditional deep pumpkin and mulled wine to soft prism kissed pinks, purples and blues. And the yarns are just as wonderful. Soft worsted and woolens, shiny silks and fingering, beaded lace weights - it's all beautiful.

I just finished dyeing up two new colorways for the store and of course it had to be Poe inspired - my little nod to the Halloween season.

Annabel Lee is a beautiful wool and tussah silk blend, hand dyed in soft shades of silver that blend into cool blue and purple before transitioning into a soft pink. Edgar is 100% polwarth  in shades of rose, purple, and steel grey handpainted on a creamy background. Both are wonderfully soft and ready for your needles.

Accessories as always will run the gamut from hat to fingerless gloves. The wonderful thing about accessory patterns it that they are usually quick so it is possible to punch out at 5 on a Friday and have a neat new hat or cowl by 8 AM come Monday morning. The other thing that's great about accessories is that you can splurge on a slightly more expensive yarn - always a fun thing to do.

Dropping Daisies Crochet Scarf

Adirondack Knit Hat
A few quick accessory patterns for you to try:

Adirondack Hat (Free through the end of September!)

Dropping Daisies Scarf

Fearcorbda Capelet

Yarn never gets boring

Ebb & Flow knit lace scarf pattern by Color Energy Designs
Finally getting organized!
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There are so many things I enjoy about knitting - the patterns, the shapes, the history, the yarn, the community. And it never gets boring which is a huge bonus for me. I know it seems like I get bored for the amount of WIPS I currently have but the truth is I get so excited when a new yarn or a new pattern crosses my sights that I have to stop what I'm doing and cast on right that second. I do cycle back around to those less sparkly projects....eventually.

Right now I'm enjoying a Craftsy class (Lace Shawl Design with Miriam Felton) and you know what that means - more projects! And with any luck, more patterns for my Etsy Shop. Right now I'm midway through a simple lace design scarf project. Ebb & Flow is knitting up in a nice rustic wool yarn in burnt orange. It's going to be perfect for the autumn.

As I'm taking the course I can't help but look through my handspun yarns. The worsted weights are nice but I'm still trying to decide how to incorporate some negative space in future knit pieces. There's so many stitches, so many yarns and just plain not enough hours in the day. But that doesn't stop me from absolutely filling as many minutes as I can with yarn. And you know what? I'm never bored. :)

Color Energy

What is color energy? A quick internet search and you'll find everything from auras and chakras to light refraction and frequency wavelengths. But what does it all really mean? The quick answer, and the only one of importance, is what does it mean for you!

Color plays an amazing role in our lives - it's literally everywhere and think about how it impacts you. Can you think of a strawberry in just terms of taste or do you associate a deep, luscious red with a trimming of spring green. When you think of the ocean do you automatically think salt and liquid or do you see those vibrant colors of cerulean, aqua and foamy whitecaps.

hand dyed yarn by Color Energy DesignsNow turn it around - look at those colors in the graphic. What do each of those colors remind you of? I could tell you that red has been assigned the role as a color of war, assertiveness, passion, confidence, etc. etc. But to me? It reminds me of the sour cherry pies my mother-in-law makes and the time we piled in the car to drive to Grisamore's U-Pick farm for the best sour cherries ever. And that blue? It has the fortunate qualities of trust and peace, calmness and freedom. But I think of the recent trip my husband and I took to the Bahamas. (Okay that one is spot on. Blue = Calm Blue Ocean = Seafoam)

Now for those that want a quick overview of popular color meanings:

Green - Spring, balance, harmony, growth, renewal.

Pink - hope, warmth, nurturing, intuitive, unconditional love.

Yellow - cheerfulness, confidence, optimism.

Purple - inspiration, imagination, spirituality.

Coral - warmth, loyalty, creativity.

Turquoise - communication, clarity, creativity, compassion, healing.

Brown - security, honesty, sincerity, strength.

Orange - warmth, happiness, optimism, enthusiasm, adventure.

Indigo - intuition, perception, faithful, selfless.

Magenta - happiness, creativity, appreciation.

White - new beginnings, innocence, equality, simplicity.

Black - sophistication, elegance, independence, mysterious.

Silver - dignified, glamorous, illumination, reflection.

Gold - abundance, prosperity, wisdom, optimistic.

3D Color Box image photo source:
All other photos: E. Stilson-Ouderkirk