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New creativity!

I just want to spend my day making stuff!

I love creating! New yarns, new fabrics, new designs - if it's makeable without requiring a whole manufacturing plant on stand-by then I probably want to try it; at least once.

I've been enjoying new color dyes and new (to me) methods of hand painting. Twisting, turning, and coiling the fiber prior to dyeing is way more fun than I thought it would be. Initially, I wanted to experiment with more organic and less structured but I'm finding that waiting for the 'big reveal' is as much fun as waiting for Christmas morning present exchange. (I'm just a big kid when it comes to anticipation participation)

New items in the store! 

I've begun adding new items to the store in addition to new yarn colorways and handspuns.  Occasionally I take a quick break from yarn making and look for other creative projects.  My latest extracurricular project is designing fabric and sewing up yarn totes. I'm absolutely hooked! You can expect more project yarn totes and more designs in the future.

Not enough hours in a day!

Knitty City on 79th
Berroco Swing Shawl
I can't believe how much time has passed since my last post! But not to worry, I have filled my time by moving to a new city (Albany NY is amazing), recent trip to NYC (inspirational visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art & Knitty City on 79th) and of course with yarn of every size, color and texture. I even added to the stash while at Knitty City - wonderful Berroco yarns in cotton and linen. Which of course prompted another project - the Swing Shawl pattern on the Berroco website is perfect for the textures and colors I chose.

The Schackenmayr has arrived!
Recently, I opened a Vogue Knitting email to read about the My Mountain design contest and they were giving away balls of Schackenmayr yarn. Giving it away and all I had to do was ask? I clicked on the email link and had a design forming in my head before I was even aware of conscious thought. That's how it is for a fiber enthusiast. (We are also known affectionately as yarn junkies). We operate by instinct; the yarn speaks to us - we don't see the fluffy, soft ball of yarn. We see all the possibilities that it will become. For us there is no such thing as too much yarn - only undiscovered projects. Right now I have a room full of undiscovered projects and am happily collecting more.


Today was a work in progress day.  I'll admit it - I have a problem. I am a yarnie, I can't help myself. Every color, every fiber, every texture is my favorite as soon as I see it, touch it, hold it. I have bags, boxes and baskets in various rooms of my house all waiting for my next "must-do" project. And I have multiple "must-do's" in various stages of completion, all strategically placed so that anytime, anywhere I do have something to work on. So I guess everyday is a work in progress day.

Anytime I go shopping (which isn't very often) I am compelled to visit a fiber store. My internal GPS can find one wherever I go - it's a skill. And luckily, I haven't yet reached hoarder stage so I needn't worry about an intervention.....yet! But I do have my enablers. Recently a friend tagged me in her FB post; I clicked the notification and suddenly on my screen was a beautiful picture of shelves stuffed with yarn. I must talk a lot about yarn.

Today's projects were a set of wool socks and the Indian Cross-Stitch scarf. What are you working on?

Cable cuff toe-up wool socks

Indian cross-stitch scarf
This is a simple toe-up pattern made with Cascade Yarn 220 Heather. I started with 12 cast on size 5 DPN. The first row is knit in front of stitch on Needle 1, knit in back of same stitch with Needle 2 (do this for each stitch). At the end of the row you'll have 24 stitches to be divided evenly between your double point needles. (I am positively addicted to making my own socks now - all it took was wearing that first pair & I was hooked!)

I saw this stitch as part of a sweater pattern and had to try it. Do a search for indian cross-stitch. It's lots of fun and it adds a lot of drape to your completed fabric.

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