Not enough hours in a day!

Knitty City on 79th
Berroco Swing Shawl
I can't believe how much time has passed since my last post! But not to worry, I have filled my time by moving to a new city (Albany NY is amazing), recent trip to NYC (inspirational visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art & Knitty City on 79th) and of course with yarn of every size, color and texture. I even added to the stash while at Knitty City - wonderful Berroco yarns in cotton and linen. Which of course prompted another project - the Swing Shawl pattern on the Berroco website is perfect for the textures and colors I chose.

The Schackenmayr has arrived!
Recently, I opened a Vogue Knitting email to read about the My Mountain design contest and they were giving away balls of Schackenmayr yarn. Giving it away and all I had to do was ask? I clicked on the email link and had a design forming in my head before I was even aware of conscious thought. That's how it is for a fiber enthusiast. (We are also known affectionately as yarn junkies). We operate by instinct; the yarn speaks to us - we don't see the fluffy, soft ball of yarn. We see all the possibilities that it will become. For us there is no such thing as too much yarn - only undiscovered projects. Right now I have a room full of undiscovered projects and am happily collecting more.