Color Energy

What is color energy? A quick internet search and you'll find everything from auras and chakras to light refraction and frequency wavelengths. But what does it all really mean? The quick answer, and the only one of importance, is what does it mean for you!

Color plays an amazing role in our lives - it's literally everywhere and think about how it impacts you. Can you think of a strawberry in just terms of taste or do you associate a deep, luscious red with a trimming of spring green. When you think of the ocean do you automatically think salt and liquid or do you see those vibrant colors of cerulean, aqua and foamy whitecaps.

hand dyed yarn by Color Energy DesignsNow turn it around - look at those colors in the graphic. What do each of those colors remind you of? I could tell you that red has been assigned the role as a color of war, assertiveness, passion, confidence, etc. etc. But to me? It reminds me of the sour cherry pies my mother-in-law makes and the time we piled in the car to drive to Grisamore's U-Pick farm for the best sour cherries ever. And that blue? It has the fortunate qualities of trust and peace, calmness and freedom. But I think of the recent trip my husband and I took to the Bahamas. (Okay that one is spot on. Blue = Calm Blue Ocean = Seafoam)

Now for those that want a quick overview of popular color meanings:

Green - Spring, balance, harmony, growth, renewal.

Pink - hope, warmth, nurturing, intuitive, unconditional love.

Yellow - cheerfulness, confidence, optimism.

Purple - inspiration, imagination, spirituality.

Coral - warmth, loyalty, creativity.

Turquoise - communication, clarity, creativity, compassion, healing.

Brown - security, honesty, sincerity, strength.

Orange - warmth, happiness, optimism, enthusiasm, adventure.

Indigo - intuition, perception, faithful, selfless.

Magenta - happiness, creativity, appreciation.

White - new beginnings, innocence, equality, simplicity.

Black - sophistication, elegance, independence, mysterious.

Silver - dignified, glamorous, illumination, reflection.

Gold - abundance, prosperity, wisdom, optimistic.

3D Color Box image photo source:
All other photos: E. Stilson-Ouderkirk