Getting a handle on your creative biz planning

They tell you when you're a small business owner that you are now the wearer of many hats. You're the creative genius, the controller of everything. And sometimes it's really easy to get so bogged down in the details that other areas get sidelined for 'later'.

That's what I've been going through - a mad juggling act. Spending a lot of time putting out fires, not enough time preventing them. I get some momentum going and then lose ground just by not accurately looking at my big picture.

I designed the 2017 Creative Biz Planner from my own need to have a place where I could have a complete "big picture" view of my creative business. And now I'm offering it to you! The creative planner will keep you on track of your seasonal direction and will help you hand off projects to team members. And because you've taken the time to plan the overview, you can be confident that every member of your creative team will be on the same page.

I'm offering the 2017 Creative Biz Planner as a digital download so you can customize it exactly as you need. Are you a 3-ring binder type? Or maybe a file folder, neat in a drawer type. No worries, you can print and set up your system exactly like you want it. Need a few extra pages for March? No problem, print out as many as you need.

Visit my Etsy shop, grab your digital copy and get planning!