Fiber fanatics rarely come up for air

Has it really been weeks since my last post? And did I really miss a couple of Monday sweet tooth challenges? I would feel bad but I do have a really good reason...well, okay excuse....well, an answer. I'm blaming it on a now dwindling yarn stash, the neighborhood annual street fair and the autumn edition of Crochet! magazine.

This year was the 5th annual Delaware Ave Street Fair and the perfect opportunity to get some feedback on my work. The trouble with selling online is the lack of personal interaction and the inability to gauge customer reaction. I did manage a few sales but the focus of the street fair was yard sales and entertainment, not crafts and as many of you know, handcrafted items do not come with yard sale pricing. I don't consider the day a loss though because I had great feedback, gave out every business card I had and had an opportunity to see what customers really like (and what they really don't). I do confess though, I did cringe every time I heard the comment "oh crochet, my granny used to do that". I'm not at granny status or mindset yet - not that there's anything wrong with that, but the word granny conjures an image I'm just not comfortable with.

I was relatively on task until I saw that my Nook had downloaded some more issues and Crochet was among them. I settled in with my coffee and within an hour I had started the Carmine Cropped Cardi project. I was doomed and extremely narrow minded in my view of the world. If it wasn't related to yarn, single or double crochet then it didn't exist. The picture in the magazine was a deep blue button down cardigan with a ribbed waistband. I was almost finished with the top when I decided I wanted to change the front of the cardigan. The yarn I used just seemed too pretty for buttons and bands so I excluded them.

The next project was the Cascading Leaves bag and once again I was hooking my heart out. I was in love with the design but the bag in the picture was a solid green. I'm not a big fan of the color green so I opted for a tweedy cotton blend instead. I also love lots of color variation so instead of sticking with one color throughout I raided the stash yarn barrel and got to work. I finally came up for air after a week (or so) and set the Nook aside for a couple of days. Has the sun always been this bright?

I know I'm in trouble though because I just looked at my Nook library and I'm remembering that I may have overlooked some previous issues....

Happy crafting!