Today was a day to try something new!

Beaded bracelets and earrings
Today was a day to try something new. Don't get me wrong - I still love to spin, knit and crochet but I needed to stretch some creative muscles. Last year I had a healthy bag of beading supplies delivered to the house. Once again someone had decided that they were no longer into a crafting project and they were cleaning out their supply. I love those calls - it saves me money (which I love) and it saves me time in a store, searching for just the right item. It also helps my creativity. I look at a series of seemingly unrelated items and start thinking of all the ways I can put those items together. It's great fun.

I may not start something right away but eventually I will start. Today was one of those days. If you're in a creative slump why not try something new? It may just end up being the next thing you're into or if not, you probably have a friend who'll take those unwanted supplies of your hands.