Fearcorbda Capelet

Two things interest me: genealogy and fiber art history. I am fascinated by fiber art history in particular. I've spent a great deal of time in yarn shops, taking in all the colors, the textures, the endless possibilities! I can't help but wonder at the contributions our ancestors made for us and find myself asking questions. Questions like how did they arrive at the process of spinning fiber, who was the first person to discover the process, why did they take two sticks and a ball of string to make something? Sadly, we will never have the answers to these questions but we can certainly take the time to acknowledge their contributions. And we do, every time we dive into a dog-eared pattern book with needles and yarn stash at the ready.

My love of genealogy was the inspiration for the name of this pattern. Fearcorbda of Alba (also known as Scotland) resides in the distant branches of my family tree. The only information I have been able to find to date is that she was born in 677 and died 723 AD. Fashion of the day for that region was practical-oriented and probably would not have included a capelet. But I'd like to think the women of that era would have taken the time to make something fancy for themselves because "they're worth it"!

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