Pardon the long break!

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post! It doesn't feel like months but I guess that's what happens when you immerse yourself in this wonderful world of learning opportunities.
Anyone that knows me already knows I have a yarn obsession (I say healthy interest - potAYto, potAHto). I love all the textures, the colors - I love to shop for it, knit with it and even just look at it all neatly nestled in a bowl on a table top. It's not really a problem....there is still room to move around.
But now on to my new obsession - undyed wool. Little skeins of untapped potential. I purchased undyed wool skeins and koolaid packets and then started watching every video I could find. I admit I didn't jump in right away - I was too nervous about ruining the wool. As soon as I convinced myself that it was okay to make a mistake I began dipping the first skein into its color-filled hot bath and a deeper appreciation for the wool-y arts has begun.
I may have to open my own shop soon, the yarn stash is beginning to reach private collection status and I'm okay with that!
Happy Crafting!