Announcing new Youtube channel!

"You need to start a Youtube channel". My sister has been after me for ages to start one to share some "how-to" crafting techniques. I didn't really mind the thought of one except for the whole being on camera thing. I am probably the first human in history to have the most documented cases of 'non-photogenicus'. (Well maybe not the most documented - thanks to the delete function on every digital camera device. And yes, it is the first feature I figure out on ANY device especially if it's not mine)
But still I kept thinking about it. I'd like to be able to pass some information on to my sisters, children and nieces and nephews. I just don't want the whole world to be able to SEE me while I'm doing it. And then yesterday my cousin posted a pic for crochet directions along with a question. I tried to answer it but I really couldn't get my point across. (Sunday morning, limited coffee) My answer was to prop my smartphone up on my coffee mug, grab a ball of yarn, a hook and push record while making up a sample. Quick upload and it was on Youtube.
The one thing I noticed immediately? Nobody can see me - it's all yarn, hook and hands. THAT'S not bad at all and it was so painless I decided to make some more. Soon after the first video, I noticed another crochet pattern/chart request for information posting and made another video. I can't lie - I was in craft nerd heaven. Let me know if you would like to see a demonstration for a pattern/chart question by sending an email or posting in the comments section.