The Color Cure for the Winter Blues

Recently I have been from one extreme to the other - painting, knitting, spinning, dyeing, wire-wrapping - I'm suffering from a lack of focus. At least I felt that way until I started looking at my individual projects: coral baby booties, lime-green snuggly socks, turquoise mesh bag, copper and brass pretty dangly things (to name a few).
I'm not suffering from a lack of focus - I'm suffering from the end of Winter lack of color! And today I found the cure. While adding an item to my Etsy store, I happened to see a blip on the side of the screen about creating a Treasury. Treasury? I clicked - it sounded...different. It's a bit like Pinterest but all in one neat little package on the same site.
Etsy said I could pick 16 items for my treasury and at first I thought it would be impossible to fill those 4 by 4 squares but then I went on my color clicking mission. I highly recommend the exercise at least once - you won't believe how much fun it is and it won't cost a thing - unless that vintage frame and boho bag just can't be turned down. (You're going to shop - why not support an Indy?)