There once was a girl with a golden curl .... the middle of her forehead.
When she was good - she was very good.
When she was bad - she was horrid.

Years ago my mother made similar hats for my younger sisters. Sadly, both she and her crafting room are no longer available for advice or patterns. My sisters and I have looked high and low for the original pattern without success. Then we decided why keep looking when we can just make one. (A benefit of craftability - no, it's not a word but it should be!)

Girl with a Curl Bonnet

Materials used - Red Heart Super Saver yarn in yellow & white plus a very small amount of blue and pink. (This was all from my stash basket but certainly everything was less than one skein)

This was made in two pieces. The back was made by working rows of single crochet and the bonnet part was made by working a long rectangle of loop stitches. I attached the bonnet to the back using a whip stitch and then embroidered the curl and face on the back. Voila! Craftability once again to the rescue.

Unfortunately, I did not write this down as I was working but I think the crafty person can tailor this to their needs. Here is a link to the youtube video I used for the loop stitch tutorial (lots of fun!) Crochet Loop Stitch

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