Merry Christmas!

Christmas is absolutely, without a doubt, the best time of year for the crafty person.Well in my humble opinion anyway. I love stretching those creative muscles, learning new techniques and the holidays always give me the perfect excuse. (Like I need one)

I was poking around the library and found Leslie Stanfield's 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet. Heaven in a book.
Excellent library find!
After flipping through the book I knew I needed to break out the stash basket, needles, hooks and get down to business.
Practice flowers in progress

Lucky me, I just happened to have some florist styrofoam in my craft room. It's amazing the things I find in there. I'm pretty sure I purchased that piece on sale about five years ago with no particular project in mind. That's how I fill my craft room - clearance racks and sales. I let the items that surround me spark creativity.
The flower patterns in the book are easy to follow. The pictures are amazing. There are even a few embellishment projects (which I may use later). Instead I decided my table could use a holiday centerpiece complete with a snowman. The centerpiece is a combination of knit, crochet and needle felting.
I'm pretty sure this is one book I'll add to my library - the project possibilities are endless and who doesn't like flowers all year long.
Merry Christmas!
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